Hello Friends,

This week we've been celebrating our anniversary. It's 3 years since we opended our coffee shop and 6 years this month since we first started working with Ginevra coffee.

We enjoy it more than ever, to celebrate we've had a significant Weekly Special available in the coffee shop...The Black Forest Latte...

1 espresso (Miscela Silver in our grinder at the moment)

250ml ice cold milk

20g Van Houten Special Bar drinking chocolate

5ml Routin syrup, cherry flavour

In a latte glass, infuse the espresso with the cherry syrup and set aside. Spoon the chocolate into the cold milk and steam to 65 degrees. Introduce the chocolate milk to the cherry coffee and you're done!

If you fancy being really elaborate why not top with some whipped cream!?

Give it a try, they're lovely.

Thanks for reading, and for everything over the last 6 years,

The Ginevra UK Team.