Polished Fracino Tamper

Use the tamper to compress the coffee grounds that you have dispensed from the grinder. And do it in style with this beautiful Polished Stainless Steel fracino tamper. Hand made in England, to the highest quality standards.

The ideal tamp on freshly ground coffee consists of two key factors:

  • Being even. An Even tamp is a very important factor in an espresso extraction. It ensures that water is making contact with the surface of all the ground coffee evenly. This, in turn, ensures that none of the ground coffee extracts for too long/too little and also prevents chanelling.
  • The correct pressure. A consistent espresso requires a consisten tamp. The ideal pressure for a tamp is different for every machine but usually ranges between 20 and 30 pounds of pressure. It is best to work out what tamp works best for your machine and then try to keep that tamping pressure as consistent as possible. This will again make sure that your espresso extraction is as consistent and delicious as it can possibly be!