Caffè Ginevra UK was founded in 2010.

After tasting this special Sicilian coffee it was impossible to deny that it has a flavour and aroma like no other and so as a family we decided it was only fair to share it with the rest of Great Britain!

We are based in a small Northumbrian town called Prudhoe in the North-East of England, just a stones throw from Scotland. We supply our Ginevra products to the whole of the UK, our coffee is roasted to order in Sicily and a fresh shipment arrives with us every few weeks. By ordering in regular, smaller amounts, we can keep up with demand and guarantee our Sicilian coffee is as fresh as possible.

All of our products are genuine and authentic. Either made, produced or roasted in Italy or Great Britain. After all, nobody does coffee like the Italians and nobody does tea like the British!

We also supply Caffè Ginevra to Fine Restaurants, Bistros and Cafes throughout the UK – please email us if you would like some more information.


Our History

Caffè Ginevra have been roasting coffee on the island of Sicily for almost a century. It was in 1923 when 12-year old Signor Massimino Ginevra first created the fragrant and aromatic blend of coffee using a small, traditional hand-held roaster. It wasn't long before his coffee was recognised nationally for it's individuality and above all, it's quality. 

The art of coffee roasting was soon passed on from Father to Son which meant it was up to Pietro to maintain the high standards his Father had established, selecting only the finest of Arabica and Robusta beans which were to be blended and roasted to the same style that had brought them high acclaim in both Sicily and mainland Italy.

Today it is the responsibility of Laura Ginevra, granddaughter of Massimino, to guarantee those high standards are maintained and although the process of roasting coffee may have changed, that focus on quality and freshness is stronger than ever.