Hello Friends,

After a very busy Christmas period here we are in 2014 already! Happy New Year to all of our customers and thank you very much for all your support last year.

Our newest blends of coffee went down a treat towards the end of 2013 and as ever we would love to hear what you think of them. Both the 100% Arabica and the Biologico are Medium Roast coffees which are quite a contrast from the traditional darker, Robusta rich blends you have enjoyed from us.

2014 will see a greater range of coffee makers and coffee accessories at as we aim to bring more top quality Italian products in to the UK.

Over at the Ginevra Espresso Bar the "Sweet 'n Spicy" caffe lattes are going down a storm! Quite simply:

1 espresso 

200ml steamed milk

5-10ml cinnamon syrup

5-10ml caramel syrup (preferably Routin 1883 syrup)

They're a real winter warmer and we love 'em! Thanks for reading and all the best for 2014,

The Ginevra UK Team