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Your Coffee Toby Kirkup

Hello Friends,

Recently we've been chatting with Actor, Writer and all round pleasant chap Toby Kirkup.

He's really passionate about coffee and has created "Your coffee Haven", we'd like to tell you a little more about him and his latest project...

We all love the best coffee there is....And we drink it on our own, or with friends & loved ones....

Who's Haven is a place on earth...Your coffee haven....

Inspired by 90's sensation Belinda Carlisle and Who's Heaven is a place on earth...Toby Kirkup created Your Coffee Haven.

The story really is beautiful...We can create 'coffee havens' for each other and spread the love of coffee amongst ourselves.

There are many roasters, blends, types of coffee and they make brilliant and unique blends and roasts. Where can I get some from and find out if I like it ,buy it, maybe try it before I buy it....Be guided and 100% to be happy with it.

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Espresso Machine, The History!

A brief history of The first Italian Espresso machine. The first Italian Espresso machine was built by Angelo Moriondo of Turin, Italy.  the machine was demonstrated at the Turin General Exposition of 1884. Where he was granted patent no. 33/256 dated 16 May 1884. A certificate of industrial title was awarded to Mr. Moriondo Angelo...

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New coffee back in stock!

Hello Friends,   Following a busy Christmas period and the high demand for our latest coffee blends, we are now fully re-stocked!          Due to a fresh shipment of coffee arriving from Sicily yesterday, your favourite blends are back including the 100% Arabica and the popular Ginseng Instant...

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