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It has been 2 years since we last updated our website and this time we hope to provide a more user-friendly experience for you all. Caffè Ginevra is continuing to impress even the most experienced of coffee-drinkers right across Great Britain and beyond, thanks to everybody who has enjoyed it with us. And as ever, through 2013 we will continue to source and offer the best Sicilian products that are tricky to find here in the UK and the rest of Europe.

After importing some fresh Sicilian lemons earlier this year, we had many requests for more and questions about when they would be back in stock, however fresh lemons are not always available (recently it has been too hot for lemons in certain parts of the island of Sicily) and so we are delighted to now stock a 100% Sicilian lemon juice, supplied in 1 Litre bottles and containing only 2 ingredients – Sicilian lemons and an antioxidant. Perfect for cooking, dressing and everything else you would usually use with fresh lemons. It will be available to order from our Sicilian Deli page very soon.

Due to the ever increasing demand, we are importing Ginevra coffee more and more often which means the coffee is even fresher than usual, there are more exciting blends about to be introduced to the range so watch this space!

And finally we must say a big thank you to our Website Designer - Mr Tim Davey for his recent hard work making our website so lovely and pretty – thanks Tim! If you would like to see more of his work just click this link -

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas from everybody related to Caffè Ginevra in the UK and Sicily,


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