Hello Friends,

And may we wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

We also wanted to thank you for a brilliant 2012. This year has been a turning point for Ginevra UK as we continue to improve the quality of our service and we hope that you have enjoyed your experience with us.

The Ginevra family in Caltanissetta continue to maintain the exceptional high standard of our coffee that is, like always, roasted in the same way using the same secret recipe as it has done for many years. Our job in the UK is to make sure your coffee arrives with you as quickly and as pleasantly as possible. We are almost down to a matter of days in between our consignments from Sicily, meaning all of the products from are as fresh as possible.

Since the launch of our new website at the end of November we have also introduced a few more delicious treats to our “Sicilian Deli” page including panettone, torrone and as promised, the 100% Sicilian lemon juice which is quite something! Find them here -

Keep up with the new additions for 2013 which will include new coffees and more Ginevra products, we are very excited. Coffee makers will be a focus for us and we hope to source and import a larger variety from Italy next year. A new top quality drinking chocolate has made it on to our range this week and we thought it would be nice to share a simple little recipe for you to try at home, we call the drink “Tony’s Chocolate Orange” and here’s why:

200ml hot steamed milk,

3 scoops (heated teaspoons) of Van Houten drinking chocolate,

1 dash (roughly 10ml) of Triple Sec orange coffee syrup,

Cream for topping,

Cocoa for dusting,


Once again Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all who have shared the Ginevra experience throughout 2012 and thanks again from Northumberland and Caltanissetta,

Amy & Anthony.

Ps. We would love to hear any of your thoughts, opinions and feedback, give us a shout –