Hello Friends,

The Caffè Bio is no longer in the grinder! We have been experimenting with the "Intenso" blend today and for the first time we have brewed using our Top Moka 3 cup coffee maker. The results were quite pleasing.

Lattina Intenso has always been a blend that we have used for filter coffee, purely as it contains more Arabica coffee than Robusta (Ginevra coffees being historically higher in Robusta content). Perhaps the odd espresso made on the big machine but never before have we put it through a stove-top pot. Without too much adjustment on the grinder, we managed to find a sweet-spot that gave a very satisfying coffee. Not too much crema I must admit but the depth of flavour and sweet, slightly acidic after-taste was lovely. 

Coupled with a Riciiarelli biscuit, my taste buds were treated to some serious pampering! I also forgot to add a little sugar but it was sweet enough without it. Find Lattina Intenso here

These days the moka pot doesn't get used too often at our place but that is something that must be changed, especially when the Lattina Intenso is about.

Thanks for reading!


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