Hello Friends,

We've been thinking about coffee cups.

More to the point, the shape of coffee cups and wondering how coffee can taste different in different cups. Personally I think the cup is very important and tend to think of a cup to a coffee as a frame to a painting (if that makes sense?). In a way it kind of completes the whole experience.

I suppose we have been lucky in the fact that our Sicilian colleagues have similar taste to us which means we love our cups. The espresso cups in particular feel as though they could fall from space and still not smash. Likewise with the double espresso cups, nice and thick but not too heavy at the same time.

The reason for this thinking has came from our latest new project - the Ginevra shop due to open Spring 2013 - where we plan to serve our coffee in paper cups only. What's the opinion with this? Does the coffee taste the same when served in a paper cup without the Ginevra logo printed on the side? Obviously whatever it is, It may "all be in the mind" but will this mean the experience is different? We sure hope not!

It may seem like a very small to thing to worry about. But I was taught that attention to detail is what makes the difference! As ever, we want you to enjoy Ginevra coffee as much as possible.

Thanks for reading.


Ps. We would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and feedback, give us a shout -