Hello Friends,

After importing a crate of fresh Sicilian lemons a few months ago, we have received many emails requesting more and enquiries as to when they will be back in stock.

At the moment, it's difficult to say. With many other projects going on at the moment both here in the UK and in Caltanissetta, everything we are working on at the moment is coffee orientated (after all, we are a coffee company!). A couple of new blends of coffee will soon be available here in the UK.

For now, the 100% Sicilian lemon juice is our solution to keeping the UK topped up with Sicilian sun shine. The 1 litre bottles are completely rammed with lemons and very little in the way of other ingredients, just a little anti-oxidant and that's it. The lemon juice is produced mainly for things like cocktails and juice drinks but due to it's extreme flavour it's a brilliant substitute for fresh lemons that could be used in cooking or baking. Give it a try, it's delicious and very Sicilian!

Produced in Palermo, Sicily by Royal Drink using fruit from the famous "Conca d'Oro".

As ever we will keep you updated of new products arriving here in the UK and any other Ginevra related news!

Thanks for reading,


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