Hello Friends,

News from our Sicilian colleagues today tells us that there has been a substantial eruption of Mount Etna this morning, it's hard to imagine living so close to such an active volcano! A video has been uploaded to YouTube of the eruption and you can find it by clicking here.

We think a similar sort of sensation can be achieved when enjoying some of the new Torroncini available in our Sicilian Deli at the moment. There are 4 flavours on offer, all delicious and made by MGM Dolciaria of Palermo. Follow the link by clicking on the Torroncini below if you would like to read more:

In other, slightly less explosive news, today sees the second day of our Facebook competition where a lucky winner will receive 2 Ginevra Espresso cups & saucers in the post next week, for more details see our Facebook page.

Good Luck with the competition and thanks for reading,


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