Hello Friends,

We would like to thank everybody for their kind comments recently regarding our coffee, in particular the Miscela Special which according to Ginevra fans has somehow managed to become even tastier! We believe the reason for this is purely down to the green (raw) beans. At Ginevra HQ in Caltanissetta, all of our blends are roasted in the exact same style that they have been for many years. The recipe too is very consistent and never changes, it still remains a closely guarded secret among the Ginevra family.

Therefore this is most likely to mean one thing when the taste and aroma of the coffee changes – the beans themselves have experienced perfect conditions before entering Europe. Miscela Special consists of beans from 3 different farms meaning the coffee can some times differ in both taste and aroma and right now it has found itself a real sweet spot! We are enjoying it and it’s very satisfying to hear that you are enjoying it too, for more info about Miscela Special, click here.

This week sees the price of our Sicilian Panettone reduced by half! 50% until all limited stock has gone means you can pick up a brilliant quality Panettone for an extremely competitive price this January (click here for more details). Added to that we also thought it would be nice to suggest a fantastic recipe for Zuccotto (a Northern Italian sweet treat) by Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo that uses panettone as an ingredient, should you wish to try something a little different! 

Find it here:

Feel free to send us a slice should you make some beautiful Zuccotto!

And finally may we wish everybody a happy, safe and prosperous New Year.....


Ps. We would love to hear any of your thoughts, opinions and feedback, give us a shout –