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Not only for the benefit of Italian visitors to our site, but also anybody who who would like to read a little about Caffè Ginevra "from the horse's mouth" we thought we would share a link to the website of our Sicilian colleagues:

The Ginevra family are often hard at work roasting coffee at the roastery based on the Industrial Zone of Caltanissetta. They split their time between 2 sites, the second location being the shop in the city centre where Ginevra coffee (as well as many other goodies!) is available to the locals and anybody else who happens to pass by. They are always very pleased to welcome overseas customers so if you happen to be in Caltanissetta, here is their address:

Viale della Regione, 160

Caltanissetta 93100,

Sicily, Italy.

This year marks a special occasion for the Ginevra family as it is 90 years since the founder of the company, Massimino Ginevra, roasted his special blend for the first time. To add to this pride, the Ginevra family were honoured last year when they were sent the news that the local council were to name a local street named after the man himself (Via Massimino Ginevra, Caltanissetta). Much like ourselves here in the UK, Caffè Ginevra is still very much a family business and is today ran by Laura, granddaughter of Massimino.

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