Hello Friends,

As we get closer to opening our Ginevra shop here in Northumberland - we are becoming quite excited!

Along with our latest batch of fresh coffee due to arrive at the end of the week, we will be taking delivery of our new coffee machine. 

It's a 2-Group beauty from the lovely people at Vibiemme, based in Milan. The machine will ensure that our cappuccino, caffe latte and of course - espresso, will all taste as delicious as possible.

Coupled with a commercial burr grinder made by La San Marco and we have a very respectable set-up indeed.

As always we will be striving to remain as authentic as possible and therefore being a Sicilian coffee company, we will serve purely espresso based drinks with a "specials" board that is refreshed each week.

As we have previously said we would love to welcome anybody and everybody who has enjoyed Caffè Ginevra in the past, more news on our opening date will be coming soon.

Thanks for reading!

Anthony & Amy

Ps. We would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and feedback, give us a shout -