Hello Friends,

Does the thought of paying for something using your bank card and a mobile phone make you feel uneasy? Or does it make you feel modern? It's hot topic today and after reading an interesting article posted on the Caffè Culture website today, it's got us thinking.

We have just taken delivery of a card reader sent to us by iZettle which enables buyers (provided they have a smartphone) to pay for items when out-and-about using our own smartphone. The card reader simply attaches to the bottom of our phone and the customer enters their card into the reader. With the entry of a few numbers and the pushing of a few buttons into the iZettle app, the payment is made.

It's simple, safe and relatively where's the drawback? We can't see one! We are seriously considering using it in our new coffee bar so any opinions about the iZettle device would be welcomed with a beaming smile. If you would like to read a little more about iZettle, click the image:

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