Hello Friends,

There's this weird thing about people travelling to Italy and drinking cappuccino in the afternoon, much to the dismay of the Italian barista or waiter. In our opinion - you can drink what you like, who really cares!?

But there is a way around the problem if you enjoy milk in your coffee and fancy one after the clock has reached noon. Caffè Macchiato. This isn't anything new or revolutionary, the macchiato has been served for a long time all over the world but after making it today we were reminded of how great they are, giving you the kick needed to get you through the day but not too strong at the same time (not that we have a problem with espresso!

We found that adding just a dash of almond coffee syrup, the macchiato took on a whole new dimension and we will certainly be enjoying more tomorrow too!

So that's:

20ml espresso, Ginevra espresso of course,

40ml steamed milk,

10ml Routin 1883 Almond syrup.

Served in a Ginevra Double Espresso Cup.

As with most recipes, very few, high quality ingredients often yield the best results! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading,

Anthony & Amy

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